My name is Andrea Bogle and I’m an animal trainer, business owner, teacher for aspiring trainers and business coach for dog trainers.
So basically, I love teaching humans and other animals.
I’ve been in the field since 2002 and it all started with a passion for dolphins that led me to my first job as a dolphin trainer. I loved my work, I adored the animals and my colleagues and for over a decade I worked as a full-time animal trainer for facilities in Europe, the Caribbean, and the US. It was glorious.
Until one day, it wasn’t enough, and I wanted more.
I wanted more challenges, more variety, more money. I wanted to be able to buy a house, afford more travel and have more control over my work and life.
I quit my job and started my own training company where I found my second passion, building a business.
I fell in love with marketing, program creation and even sales (and I NEVER would have thought introvert me could love sales!). I invested a lot in my business education and it led me to a dog training business making over $20k a month. (Again, NEVER thought that was possible going into it!).
Now, I teach both training and business skills to trainers because it’s awesome getting to live your best life and more trainers should get to do so.
I help trainers start profitable businesses and revamp existing businesses that are not providing the money, freedom or results desired.
If you’re a trainer who doesn’t think you can make six figures working with animals and their humans, please please please let me prove you wrong.
It is absolutely possible to make a great income as a trainer and I will show you how.
Step by Step.
No guessing, no desperate discounts to get clients, no wasting time trying out dead ends.
All you have to do is take the first step.
Entrepreneur & Coach