Since you have a business, you know firsthand all the things that go into starting a business and keeping it afloat.
As a business owner and entrepreneur, you wear a lot of different hats which can be exhausting. And if you don’t have a business strategy it can also feel disheartening to put in so much effort and not see much growth.

You started a business because you love training dogs.

You thought getting a website and some business cards would be a good start and you got your first few clients. Then you started getting company t-shirts, designing flyers, updating your social media and connecting with vets who might refer you.
The first few months were the most stressful, never knowing where the next clients would be coming from and doing lots of trial and error marketing to see what worked best to attract new clients.
You created new training services, maybe even supplemented your training with pet sitting or dog walking to offer something for everyone.
You did a lot of things and now you’re regularly getting clients in a somewhat steady stream.
You never know for sure if things might suddenly slow down. If another trainer moves into your area and has a better marketing strategy, how much will that cut into your income?
What if you get a bad review? Will you have to give a refund? Will it hurt your business?
You also feel like your trial and error approach to marketing and sales is never-ending. There is always more information to learn, new business webinars and strategies to consider and you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there.

Let’s end the struggle!

What if you could have a clear success strategy given to you? How much time would you save if you got to focus on ONE strategy? How relieved would you feel to have a proven blueprint to success?
If you had someone to guide you every step of the way, how much more would you enjoy growing your biz?
What if you had a personal cheerleader celebrating when you succeed and keeping you on track when you’re having a bad day and want to burn your business to the ground?
How would it feel to not go it alone?
If your business has turned from an exciting new chapter in your life into a business that seems to have taken over control of your life, then you need to know that you CAN change that.
You can have a business making six figures or more.
You can have a business that allows you more freedom than a 9 to 5 job and not less by being on your mind 24/7.
You can have a dog biz that works with your favorite type of clients, offering your favorite services and getting amazing training results.
You just have to have a smart strategy and get to focus on it.
That’s where I come in and would love to help you!
Contact us for a FREE strategy session if:
You are serious about growing your business in a healthy and sustainable way
You want to make more money and gain more freedom
You want to attract more dream clients
On the call we will talk all about your biz and identify the strengths and weaknesses and give you actionable steps to take right away to improve your business.
IF I think you are a great fit for our paid program and you would like further help we can talk about working together. If not, you get to have a chat with someone really cool who is going to help you with your biz and then you can walk off into the sunset with some new biz inspiration!
Either way you’re getting some guidance and actionable steps on how to improve your business for free.
So, what have you got to lose?
If you’re ready to change your business so you can truly love your work again, make more, get better results for your clients, and get your life back then you know what to do!
So, for reals- just quickly fill-in our short form and snag your FREE strategy session!
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