Bringing trainers to the AWESOME spot

The dog training industry is a hot mess.
Anyone can call themselves a trainer, or even worse, call themselves a ‘behaviorist’ despite no formal education in behavior.
Anyone can set up shop, ask for money and get clients with the right marketing strategy.
Several training franchises are putting people with zero training experience through two to three weeks of training and calling them ‘dog training experts’. We all know that cocky trainer who struts around telling people to be their dog’s alpha and that training with treats is for pansies.
But hey, because they are a ‘certified trainer’ through their school or franchise they have enough credibility and clients flock to their promises of a perfect dog in 2 weeks.
On the other extreme, some trainers invest a ton of time and money into becoming better trainers. They go to conferences and seminars, read books, watch DVDs, and take online courses.
They become amazing trainers with all this knowledge, but they have trouble marketing their business.
They don’t want to make big promises or sell quick fixes, so they feel like they can’t compete.
They don’t really set themselves apart from the crappy competition because they don’t know how.
The result: A hot mess.
Skilled trainers are not reaching as many clients as they would like.
Bad trainers are making a killing and messing up dogs in the process.
I see so many great trainers who are struggling with the business side of things.
Sure, they have a website, a FB page with cute puppy posts and have networked with some vets in their area. But they struggle to go beyond the basics and take their business to the next level.
While their training skills increase with each book or webinar they absorb, their biz skills barely grow, creating a disproportion in knowledge.
They either struggle to get enough clients or are burning out trying to help everyone by charging a fraction of the competition.
There has to be a better way.
There is.
It’s time for the knowledgeable trainers to step into the spotlight.
To close the gap and nail their marketing.
To get to the AWESOME SPOT where the business magic happens.
I’ll see you there!

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